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4 Toothbrush Buying Mistakes to Avoid

4 Toothbrush Buying Mistakes to Avoid

A toothbrush is very basic when talking about keeping oral health well-maintained. A person does need to brush twice daily and with proper manners to keep their oral hygiene on top. But what is important is choosing the right kind of toothbrush for your teeth. Our dentists suggest replacing your toothbrush every three months for best […]

Effects of Tobacco Consumption on Your Mouth

Dental health is one of the prerogatives in the branch of medicine. Tobacco consumption and smoking are growing ills that transcend behavioural tactics to resolve the issue so prevalent today. With the rate of anti-social elements, the vices are an aggressive problem that has pervaded every sphere of the economy. Let’s navigate through a comprehensive […]

3 In-home Teeth Whitening Fails

Every person wants the ‘pearly whites’. However, everyday habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and eating a lot of junk food take away the shine from your pearly whites. Stained or discoloured teeth are despised by everyone at some point in life. And to reverse the effect of discolouration, people use teeth whitening procedures to get the white […]

4 Don’ts After Tooth Extraction

Did you recently get a tooth extraction done? If yes, we understand you. We all have undergone the painful procedure of tooth extraction and lived the annoying days that follow. But now that you got your tooth extracted for good, you must take the right steps to avoid any further problems in the empty socket […]

How Does Dental Bonding Affect Your Teeth

For people who have cracked, chipped, fractured or stained teeth, dental bonding is considered to be ideal out of various dental services. The bonding process involves attaching a natural-looking resin to provide a complete dental structure. Apart from providing aesthetic benefits, dental bonding also serves the purpose of restoration. But how does this procedure affect your teeth? […]

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

Do you feel the acute pain or ache when you sip a hot drink or bite into a cold dessert? Well, you have a sensitive tooth right there! Reacting to temperature is one of the main symptoms of teeth sensitivity. Sensitivity occurs when the dentin, gets exposed to extreme temperatures. The dentin contains microscopic tubules which creates […]