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4 Toothbrush Buying Mistakes to Avoid

3 In-home Teeth Whitening Fails

Every person wants the ‘pearly whites’. However, everyday habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and eating a lot of junk food take away the shine from your pearly whites. Stained or discoloured teeth are despised by everyone at some point in life. And to reverse the effect of discolouration, people use teeth whitening procedures to get the white […]

How Does Dental Bonding Affect Your Teeth

For people who have cracked, chipped, fractured or stained teeth, dental bonding is considered to be ideal out of various dental services. The bonding process involves attaching a natural-looking resin to provide a complete dental structure. Apart from providing aesthetic benefits, dental bonding also serves the purpose of restoration. But how does this procedure affect your teeth? […]