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4 Don’ts After Tooth Extraction

Did you recently get a tooth extraction done? If yes, we understand you. We all have undergone the painful procedure of tooth extraction and lived the annoying days that follow. But now that you got your tooth extracted for good, you must take the right steps to avoid any further problems in the empty socket left behind. Your dentist must have suggested a long list of things you must do now. But here’s a list of things that you MUST NOT DO after tooth extraction.

1. DON’T Disturb the Clot

After tooth extraction, the one out of many things that you’d pray for is your wound to heal quickly. And for that to happen, you must let a clot form in the socket. The clot covers the tooth extraction site and allows the gum tissues to heal. After the procedure, your dentist will give you a piece of gauze to bite on near the extraction site. Try to bite down and keep it in place for at least an hour afterwards. This will put pressure over the wound and help it to stop bleeding. Change this gauze every hour or more often depending on the amount of bleeding. If the clot is disturbed, it will delay healing by constricting capillaries.

2. DON’T Eat What You Aren’t Supposed To

The post-tooth extraction period is when you need to watch your diet also. What you eat will directly affect the pace of healing of that site. Firstly, avoid eating anything hard and chewy as eating foods like nuts, candies, chewing gum, raw vegetables, fruits, etc. will apply pressure on the extraction area. Secondly, avoid anything sugary and acidic as these foods will promote bacteria growth that can further lead to infections on the site. Opt for liquid and mashed foods instead so that you don’t hurt the tissue regeneration.

3. DON’T Smoke

Tobacco products can prohibit healing and increase the risk of complications. Nicotine usage constricts blood vessels, making it harder for your mouth to heal compared to non-smokers. Avoid smoking for as long as possible, but at least for the first 24 hours. And chewing tobacco should be avoided for at least a week.

4. DON’T Drink Anything But Water

Alcoholic, caffeinated, or hot drinks are a no-no for the first 24 hours. Opt for plenty of water instead. And don’t use a straw at all thinking that it will do good to the tooth extraction site. The sucking motion of drinking from a straw can also dislodge your blood clot, which won’t form again if it’s damaged and can cause dry socket – a harrowing side effect.

If you face throbbing pain or excessive bleeding even after two days after getting your tooth extracted, visit your dentist immediately. The dentist will look into the issue and let you know why the issues persisted.