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4 Toothbrush Buying Mistakes to Avoid

A toothbrush is very basic when talking about keeping oral health well-maintained. A person does need to brush twice daily and with proper manners to keep their oral hygiene on top. But what is important is choosing the right kind of toothbrush for your teeth. Our dentists suggest replacing your toothbrush every three months for best results. You may wait for a sale to show up and buy toothbrushes for your family at once or would go for the toothbrush with your favourite colour. You will get a toothbrush with this, but will that be the perfect toothbrush for your mouth? Here are we explaining some mistakes that you can avoid and select the perfect toothbrush for your teeth.

1) Choosing Hard Bristles

People often rely on hard-bristled toothbrushes thinking that more scrubbing will help the teeth be cleaner and stronger. But rather than being effective, hard bristles and more scrubbing will damage your teeth and gums. Brushing hard is the leading cause in people for sensitive teeth. Instead, you should opt for soft bristles. Dentists suggest to choose soft bristles and go gentle on your teeth.

2) Buying Toothbrush of No-name Manufacturer

There would be a toothbrush available in the market that is cheap and have no name on it. Such manufacturers with no-name may not consider the safety of your teeth as their priority. There is no guarantee of their products’ quality. These toothbrushes can be made of inferior material that is harmful. The better option always would be to buy a toothbrush by a reputable company.

3) Choosing Wrong Sized Toothbrush

All the toothbrushes are not the same; they are available in different sizes. You can’t buy a small-sized toothbrush just because it is cheaper. It will be difficult for an adult to hold a small toothbrush, and it will not even clean the mouth thoroughly. You should consider the right size and shape of the toothbrush for your mouth. The toothbrush should be able to fit in your mouth and you should be able to use it comfortably.

4) Resisting From Buying an Electric Toothbrush

If you prefer brushing manually but aren’t able to brush your teeth as effectively as before, then consider switching your toothbrush. Using an electric toothbrush will give you the same results as of manual brushing. Dentists say that both manual and an electric toothbrush can clean the teeth effectively. And people who are used to brushing manually will find an electric toothbrush more comfortable.

Avoiding these mistakes will be very effective in choosing the right toothbrush. A perfect toothbrush will provide you with the oral results that you want. Oral hygiene is one of the most vital things for the body to work efficiently. If you want suggestions and treatments for your oral health, you can come to us. Our dentists are some of the best experts in Edmonton.