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What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

Do you feel the acute pain or ache when you sip a hot drink or bite into a cold dessert? Well, you have a sensitive tooth right there! Reacting to temperature is one of the main symptoms of teeth sensitivity. Sensitivity occurs when the dentin, gets exposed to extreme temperatures. The dentin contains microscopic tubules which creates pathways to the nerve of the tooth. When these tubules are exposed, nerves are more easily triggered by certain stimuli causing teeth sensitivity. But what exactly causes the teeth to be sensitive? Here are some factors that contribute to tooth sensitivity.

Brush with Too Much Gusto

Aggressive brushing can cause the enamel to wear down and expose the root cementum. Over-brushing is not the solution to kill germs or to skip flossing. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush in combination with vigorous brushing can lead to bleeding gums and cause additional problems. You need to adjust your technique to salvage your teeth to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Lack of Routine Oral Care

To maintain proper oral care, brush and floss twice daily. You need to be vigilant and routine-oriented while cleaning your teeth. Skipping the daily oral routine can make your enamel to wear down. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen and protect the teeth enamel. Skipping brushing can expose your dentin due to worn enamel, thus, leading to exposure and tooth sensitivity. Tooth grinding can also aid in tooth sensitivity.

Manifest Gum Disease

If you notice that your gums are starting to pull away from your teeth, it means you have receding gums. This gum disease exposes the dentin tubules which lead to sensitive nerve branches inside your teeth. Receding gums are not caused solely by improper brushing of the teeth. Consult your dentist and conduct dental cleanings & exams to obtain a proper diagnosis. Make sure you get treated by a dentist for your gum recession.

Consume Acidic Diet

If you frequently consume sharp-tasting (bitter, acidic or harsh) or sour food and drinks, it can strip away your enamel. Loading up on sugary treats like candies, cakes, and ice cream if trapped in teeth can prompt the bacteria to grow. The acids produced by the bacteria can wear down the structure of the tooth. Monitor the foods and acidic beverages that you are consuming to protect your teeth. Tooth decay can also cause tooth pain.

Have a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth may not only affect the enamel but the entire tooth, down to the root. You might not feel any tooth pain unless the chip is large enough to expose the nerve of the tooth. Once the nerves in the inner layers of the tooth are exposed, it causes tooth sensitivity and pain. Maintain regular oral care routine to prevent tooth sensitivity.

The best way to avoid tooth sensitivity is to maintain good oral hygiene and to avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices. If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, having regular dental cleanings & exams at the dental clinic is essential. With the help of dental cleanings & exams, dentists can examine your teeth and help you out to find the core problem of your tooth sensitivity. Feel free to contact your dental clinic for further information.