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Effects of Tobacco Consumption on Your Mouth

Dental health is one of the prerogatives in the branch of medicine. Tobacco consumption and smoking are growing ills that transcend behavioural tactics to resolve the issue so prevalent today. With the rate of anti-social elements, the vices are an aggressive problem that has pervaded every sphere of the economy.

Let’s navigate through a comprehensive list of the effects of tobacco on the overall health of a person.

Nicotine Addiction

With the habit of tobacco tastefulness, the nicotine content in tobacco harms the sound body of a person. It drugs the brain and gives you a dash of mistiness. The nicotine in tobacco consumption mixes with the other traces of chemicalized elements, metals and compounds in tobacco that are toxic. This can cause various dental problems such as rare gum diseases, gum abscesses, inflammation of the inner mouth, pyorrhoea, gingivitis, tooth loss, and other periodontal ailments. The reasons for smokeless tobacco and smoked tobacco are many; to name a few it is stress at the office, boredom, pooling of friends who share the same common habit, ostentatious lifestyle, causes in the family, making people victims of tobacco. The nicotine present in smokeless or chewing tobacco is addictive and gets more binding over time. In the long run, the tobacco users get immune to nicotine as they are used to the constituents and can feel dizzy to dreamy heights. An increase in tobacco consumption can be attributed to addiction over time.


Whether you consume smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, or cigars, the crucial aspect of this context is that they can cause cancers. Cancer that develops in the mouth can extend down the larynx, esophagus, and to the lungs. The most commonly affected parts are the lips, tongue, the vocal cords, and the intrinsic mouth. The cancer-causing agents consist of tobacco and smoked tobacco. Studies have shown that victims and dental patients across the globe suffer from oral cancers due to snuff and cigarettes. The cancer-causing ingredients in chewing tobacco are N-nitrosamines, Cadmium contained in batteries and atomic plants, and poisonous cyanide and nicotine. There are other cancer-causing constituents; however, the ones here are the common ones and highly cancerous. The cancer agents composed in cigarettes are poisonous nicotine, metallic arsenic, the very detrimental carbon monoxide,  toxic tar that collects in the lungs that adversely affect air passages, and many more proportions of toxicity and chemicals The cancerous elements that give rise to mouth cancers also interfere with the heart and blood vessels. Another cancer spun out from snuff and smoking is that the throat gets affected harmfully, which is known as throat cancer.

Mouth Paralysis

As revealed earlier, the cancer-causing agents which are equivalent to the ingredients in chewing tobacco, cigars or cigarettes, can also lead to paralysis of the mouth, apart from causing just cancer. You may not get cancer depending on tobacco usage, but you may contract facial or mouth paralysis. The consumption of smokeless tobacco and smoking, if prolonged over many years, can cause drastic effects such as cancers, paralysis of the mouth, severe inflammations in the mouth, and so on. Mouth paralysis is becoming more and more common these days, inferring tobacco as a cause.

Apart from cancers and nicotine consumption, tobacco stains the mouth and causes tooth decay. You may want to try whitening your teeth, and however, teeth whitening fails are a spoilsport for the record.