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3 In-home Teeth Whitening Fails

Every person wants the ‘pearly whites’. However, everyday habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and eating a lot of junk food take away the shine from your pearly whites. Stained or discoloured teeth are despised by everyone at some point in life. And to reverse the effect of discolouration, people use teeth whitening procedures to get the white shine back in their smiles. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is common among the youth but then it also has risks and side effects. The chemicals and bleach in the whitening materials can harm your whole oral cavity if not done with the help of a professional. Several mistakes can happen while you’re whitening your teeth by yourself.

1. Being Over-confident with Whiteners

Thinking that you’re self-sufficient doesn’t work when it comes to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening involves chemicals that can do more damage than repair to your teeth. Trying to use teeth whitening substances by yourself is not a good idea until you have consulted a dentist about the product that you’re going to use. The dentist must confirm that you are a proper candidate for whitening products. After you have whitened your teeth under the dentist’s supervision, you must visit the dentist again after a few days to get the condition of your teeth checked and get rid of any underlying sensitivity through fluoride.

2. Using a Common Dental Tray Instead of a Custom Tray

The teeth whitening solutions require a dental tray that holds the solvent near the teeth for the time required. Using a common mouthguard instead of a dentist-made tray is not suggested. When you use an over-the-counter dental tray or mouth-guard, you expose yourself to two risks; firstly, the deviation of your teeth from the mouth-guard, which causes the whitening solution to apply unevenly on your teeth. Due to this, your teeth will get patches of discolouration that will cost you more and look ugly. Secondly, the uneven hold of the tray or mouth-guard can result in the flowing out of the solution and you might accidentally swallow it poisoning yourself. The custom trays made by dentists take into consideration the actual shape of your teeth arch that lets you hold the whitening solvent in place.

3. Using Teeth-whitening Pastes Regularly

There is a whole array of toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth in just a few uses. But most of these kinds of toothpaste work like stain removing polish. Whitening toothpaste can remove the yellowish presence on your teeth caused by tobacco, coffee or tea but doesn’t actually whiten up your teeth to the point where it satisfies you. So, a lot of people begin to believe those whitening toothpastes are to be used every day to keep their teeth shining, but that’s not the truth. Whitening toothpaste can be caustic to your teeth and may result in corrosion of the enamel that will make the teeth more susceptible towards future stains and even permanent discolouration.

Procedures like in-home teeth whitening utilize bleaches and chemicals in the procedure. Trying to get the pearly whites at home using DIY kits is not a wise decision as it can cause harm to your teeth or even the whole oral cavity. Always consult the dentists in Edmonton before you go around shopping for teeth whitening kits.