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How Do You Give Up Sugar?

Most of us are addicted to sugar. We all know that excessive sugar consumption can result in tooth decay. But, do we know what exactly happens? There are several harmful bacteria present in your mouth which thrive on sugar and destroys your tooth enamel. These bacteria release acids that are responsible for creating holes and cavities in and around your teeth. So, what’s the best way to keep cavities and other dental problems away? It is quite simple – try to give up sugar. But, obviously, that can really, really difficult! So, here are a few ways that can be helpful.

Identify your Sugars

Did you know that sugar is in almost everything you eat and drink? Sugar is also found in the natural form and not only as added sweeteners. Glucose and fructose are forms of sugar. To make it simple for you, anything that ends with “-ose” is a form of sugar. So check labels when shopping and look for words like syrups, processed foods, sauces, and names that end with “-ose”. Don’t include such items in your shopping cart.

Ditch Sweet Carbs

Cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies, pancakes, crepes, and other sweet foods with refined flour are some examples of sweet carbs. So, you must avoid eating these too.

Give Up Alcohol and other Beverages

For those who didn’t know – alcoholic drinks are sources of immense sugar. Many alcoholic drinks cannot be made without the addition of sugar. Soda, fruit juice, smoothies and shakes, sports and energy drinks, iced tea, and other sweetened beverages also have sugar. Next time you feel thirsty, opt for plain water.

Others Foods you didn’t Know Contain Sugar

There are some foods that don’t taste sweet but contain sugar such as rice, sauces, and bread. Rice contains which starch which is converted into sugar. Bread often contains high levels of fructose corn syrup – which is sugar. Hence, keep these non-sweet foods out of your diet plan.

Become Friends with these Foods

With so many foods out of your diet plan, what do you eat? Nuts, avocado full-fat plain yogurts, cinnamon, fresh vegetables, organic lean meat eggs, turkey, and fish are healthy and sugar-free.

Cheat-Days – Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Once you plan to give up sugar, there is no turning back. Don’t even think of having cheat days! So, don’t reward yourself with a glass of wine or a piece of cake during occasions and celebrations.

Be Strong Against Those Cravings

Chocolates, cakes, smoothies and shakes, cola, etc. are our strongest cravings. But, now it’s time to control your desire to eat all the sugary foods. Think about a healthy mouth and lean physique and stay motivated to give up sugar.

You can ask your friends and family to remind you about your promise of giving up on sugar every time you try to break it. Sugar is one of the best defenses against cavities. However, if you do get one, make sure you visit the dentist immediately.

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