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Should You Remove Your Wisdom Tooth?

Your wisdom tooth can emerge once you cross the age of 17 and can appear as late as the age of 25. Because it emerges during a such a late age, it may cause more problems to your dental health than benefits.

While there is no “perfect age” for wisdom tooth removal, you must consider getting it removed when you face the following oral problems.

  • When your wisdom tooth has completely decayed, you must get it removed at the earliest.

  • Your wisdom tooth can remain hidden inside your gums and not emerge at all. This can cause infection in gums or can cause a cyst that can damage other teeth roots or bone support.

  • Partially emerging wisdom tooth acts like a magnet to harmful bacteria as cleaning this portion of your mouth becomes difficult. These bacteria can cause various dental problems like bad breath, gum infections, and periodontal diseases in extreme cases.

  • If the wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to emerge properly, it may crowd or even damage nearby teeth. The wisdom tooth can push your other teeth around, causing mouth pain and bite problems.

  • Your wisdom tooth will not emerge fully because it is competing for space from neighboring teeth. This uneven and partial growth of wisdom tooth can lead to cysts or tumors in the gum tissue or jawbone, cavities around the tooth, and deep pockets. These cavities and hollow deep pockets can host bacteria and food and further lead to plaque, tartar, and infections.

  • The position of your wisdom tooth can obstruct your jaw movement and affect chewing. An inappropriately grown wisdom tooth can scrape the soft tissues in your mouth and also result in biting cheek.

  • Intensive and continuous pain in the gums around your wisdom tooth can probably be due to inflamed gums that take place because of wisdom tooth. You must visit your dentist to get it checked.

If you notice these symptoms, you must think about wisdom tooth removal. If your wisdom tooth is positioned correctly without any obstruction from the adjacent teeth, is perfectly healthy, fully erupted, and is functioning properly, you won’t have to get it removed. But, you must take proper care of your wisdom tooth to prevent any cavity or infection.

To know more about how to best maintain your teeth and retain their strength, you can get in touch with our skilled dentists in Edmonton. They will help you to keep your teeth at their best for long.

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