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5 Ways To Know If You Have Bad Breath

Many times people do not realize that they have a bad breath. No one is going to tell you that you have a bad breath. Not even your close friends. Why? Because it’s embarrassing. So, if no one is going to tell you, then how do you know if you bad breath? There are some bad breath signs you can check for. Here are 5 tests that will tell if you have bad breath.

Cupping your hands

Another way to check for bad breath signs is by cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and exhaling. When you exhale, try to smell your breath before you inhale the air back into your mouth. You can try this method for few times to determine if you have a bad breath.

Dental floss

How can you know if you have bad breath? Use a dental floss. After you have finished flossing your teeth, take a sniff of the dental floss. The dental floss removes the food particles which get stuck between teeth. If your floss smells bad after flossing, it indicates that you have a bad breath.

Wrist test

Lick the inside part of your wrist with your tongue. Wait for about 30 seconds until the saliva on the wrist dries up. Try smelling the same part of the wrist now. If you find it smells bad then you have a bad breath.

Spoon test

Use a teaspoon to get to the back of your tongue. Invert the teaspoon and scrape the back of your tongue gently. If you find a whitish coating on the spoon and it smells, you have bad breath.

Ask someone

Sure it’s embarrassing, but it is also the best way to check if you have bad breath. Ask someone you trust. The person will certainly give you a better answer than the above tests. If you feel embarrassed to ask your friend, ask your dentist. Your dentist would also give you tips to get rid of the smell.

The above mentioned bad breath signs should assist you to know if you have a bad breath. Bad breath can be caused due to many factors such as food you eat or brushing habits to name a few. If you want to overcome this, try eating good food and maintain stringent oral hygiene. Have regular dental cleaning to prevent bad breath. You will be more confident and when you talk to others when you have a good oral hygiene.

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