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Why is Brushing Your Teeth Important

Have you ever wondered why brushing teeth is important? We are constantly told by our parents and dentists what is the importance of brushing your teeth. And yet you wonder is it necessary to brush your teeth. What would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth? Well, here is what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth and did not receive the right dental care.

Tooth and gum diseases

Brushing your teeth removes the bacterial deposits known as plaque that form a sticky layer on your teeth and gums. This layer, if not removed, can thicken and form tartar, a form of bacterial deposition that even brushing cannot remove.

Plaque and tartar are made up of bacteria and cause deterioration of the tooth enamel. They do this by forming acids on the tooth surface by breaking down carbohydrates and sugars from the food we eat. When we maintain oral hygiene and seek regular dental care, we remove these bacterial deposits from our teeth and gums keeping them germ and disease free. If we do not brush regularly, or stop brushing completely, such bacteria can cause tooth and gum disease by spreading infections.

With gum disease, the first sign of gum bleeding is an indication of poor oral hygiene and neglected dental care.

Bad breath

Bacterial growth in the mouth, be it on the teeth, gums or tongue, can cause bad breath. The food that you eat will get trapped between the teeth and remain there if you do not brush. This food and other debris between the teeth are broken down by bacteria resulting in bad breath.

Removal of this bad breath causing bacteria can be done by maintaining proper oral hygiene through brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Growing bacteria in the teeth and gums can also spread infections to other parts of the body through the medium of the mouth.

Tooth loss

Bacteria in the mouth can escalate to high levels and cause cavities and caries in the teeth by eroding the tooth enamel. This leads to holes in your teeth which will widen with time and more neglect of proper dental care. If allowed to remain unchecked, these cavities can get big enough to expose nerve endings in the teeth and cause unbearable pain to you.

A root canal surgery may be necessary in such a case. If the cavity has advanced and caused abscesses (bacterial infection) in the teeth, even the root canal may be ineffective and an extraction may be needed to prevent infection to other teeth.

Brushing teeth twice a day helps to prevent all of the above dental problems and then some. This is the importance of brushing your teeth, at least once a day. This answers the question of is it necessary to brush your teeth.

Visit your dentist for more information on problems caused due to improper dental care techniques.

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