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3 Signs That Your Child Needs Braces

If you had braces as a kid, chances are that your child will too. Dental problems that cause the need for braces are genetic and can be passed on. If your child has trouble sleeping, has an uncomfortable bite and a low appetite, she may have dental problems and needs braces.

Even if you didn’t have braces as a child, dental issues could be causing your child discomfort and you need to know if your child needs braces. If you are wondering, should your kid get braces, read the signs that can help you know if your child needs braces.


If your child’s teeth are growing in uneven positions and crowding the existing teeth, it is a sign that your child needs braces. Crowded teeth can make it difficult for your child and the dentist to clean the surfaces of the crowded teeth. Not cleaning the teeth surfaces can lead to unhygienic conditions for the tooth as well as the gums. Bacterial growth can occur in the gaps between two crowded teeth and harm the health and hygiene of the teeth and gums.

If you observe crowding occurring in your child’s teeth, it may be time for a good set of braces to help the teeth get aligned properly and solve the problem.

Uncomfortable bite

If your child complains of having difficulty biting and chewing food, it may be a cause for concern which will determine the answer to should your kid get braces. There are various different types of uncomfortable bites such as open bite, cross bite, over bite and under bite which are caused due to different positions of the teeth. These conditions cause increased susceptibility of the affected teeth to fracturing, trauma, and excessive wear and tear. It can also increase gum recession of the affected teeth. In addition to these problems to the affected teeth, the child will experience difficulty in biting and chewing, imbalanced facial appearance and asymmetric jaw growth. Take your child to a dentist to prevent any of these problems from worsening by getting braces.

Food getting stuck between teeth

If your child gets food stuck between her teeth constantly, there is an underlying dental problem. Food getting stuck between teeth is an indication of the gaps between the teeth that allow food to get entrapped between the gaps. Braces can remedy this problem by aligning the teeth in the right position to eliminate any gaps.

Should your kid get braces?

If the signs are all there and you are still not sure of how soon can a child get braces, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted dental expert for information. Your dentist will be able to best advise you in terms of braces your child needs and how soon can a child get braces.

Carefully observe your child’s teeth for any signs that prove your child needs braces and pay attention when your child complains of dental problems. Take your kid to an experienced dentist in Edmonton to get a solution worked out in the form of braces so your child can eat comfortably and be healthy.


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