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Winter Tips For a Healthy Mouth

While winter might be your favourite time of the year, this chilly climate invites a whole range of health problems that could take a toll on you. You could think that the issues are limited to dry skin, cold, flu, fever, etc., but that’s not it! They are undoubtedly the significant problems arising out of the climate, but what many people are still unaware of is that it massively affects oral health as well. The chilly air that blows in winter stands detrimental to many oral health problems like sensitive teeth and many such associated problems. So here’s how you can save yourself from the effects of the cold weather.

Cover Your Mouth

It’s not just the food and cold beverages that can make your teeth sensitive. If your cavity is exposed to extremely cold conditions, it can also affect your teeth and make them more sensitive. While you are avoiding food and beverages possessing these abrasive qualities, make sure you also secure your mouth with a scarf or a piece of cloth.

Brush Your Teeth Softly

Not just your teeth, but your gums that come under your cavity, are affected by winters too. Just like sensitive skin, sensitive gums are a common phenomenon during winters. Thus, it is essential to brush your teeth softly as violent brushing, especially in winters, can damage your gums. Secondly, take advice about good toothpaste for sensitive teeth from the best dental clinic in town.

Prevent Yourself From Canker and Cold Sores

If you want to save yourself from ruining the potential fun you’ll have during winters, avoid consuming a lot of acidic foods that can cause canker sores. While these sores are not contagious, they are a great boomer to your fun. On the other hand, there are cold sores that might exist on your skin already but are better treated before winters. These cold sores tend to flare up during winters, making it worse. If they don’t exist already, you have a better chance of preventing these cold sores by protecting your lips with SPF lip balms and SPF sunscreen. Foolproof your skin around your mouth.

Limit Your Sweet Consumption

Sweet consumption, especially hot chocolate, is on a higher consumption rate during winters. Sweet food and beverages are already proven to build up cavities in your teeth. Thus, it is essential to limit your sweet consumption, especially hot chocolate and tame your sweet tooth a bit.

Drink Lots of Water

While drinking water is the universal solution for treating all kinds of health problems, it is also essential for maintaining oral health. It is mostly advised to drink lots of water during summers, however, it is equally a need to drink water during winters. The dry air that blows in the environment tends to drag out all the moisture from your mouth. Thus, it is essential to drink lots of water not just to eradicate bad breath, but also to maintain moisture inside the mouth.

Drastic weather fluctuation is prone to affecting your teeth severely. But if your oral health is your top priority under dire climatic conditions, then no one can stop you from enjoying the cool winter sports without worrying about the sensitive chattering teeth, because you don’t have one! However, if at all, the cold happens to beat your healthy teeth, do not hesitate to contact Downtown Dental for your oral emergencies.