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Teeth Staining Foods: What Should You Avoid

Who wants to have evidently yellow or stained teeth? Practically no one. A bright smile can help you become more confident, allowing you to look and feel better from the inside. Although the darkening of the tooth is a regular part of aging, some of the food and drinks that you have every day could be contributing factors to the stains on your tooth. Are there foods that you need to avoid for good? Dentists from downtown Edmonton made a list of food and beverages that you may need to cut down on or avoid at all cost.

 · Coffee or Tea?

 Both can be very active food strainers. In fact, your favorite black tea stains your teeth worse than the coffee that you drink in the morning. Black tea contains tannins. This ingredient gets attracted to the protein that envelopes and serves as the natural protection of your teeth. Should you give up drinking coffee or tea? It is best that you consider your best options. Ask your downtown dentist about it. They have alternative solutions to your concerns about your dental health.

 · White Wine or Sparkling?

 You may choose either to celebrate something special, but if you are a bit concerned about your teeth, then it is best to go for the sparkling. White wine also causes teeth staining because, like coffee or tea, it contains tannin too. White wine, though colorless, contains for acid than that of the red wine. Drinking white wine means exposing your teeth to more acid, causing it to absorb more stains than it should.

 · Carbonated Drinks or Soda?

If you continue to drink both, then having stained teeth should not come as a surprise anymore. Whether it is a Gatorade or any other sports drink for that matter, they could all stain your teeth and make it susceptible to bacteria. Also, they have high sugar content, which technically feeds the bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth staining as well as tooth infection. When you can, it is best to hydrate yourself with just water.

 · Strawberry or Blueberry?

Both types of berries are tooth staining agents as they contain chromogens. These are vivid color agents that stick to the teeth. Eating that big slice of strawberry pie after dinner has just put your teeth at risk of teeth stains that could last a lifetime. These fruits may come with health benefits, so you don’t have to give up eating them altogether. Make sure you brush your teeth soon after.

 If you are concerned about having stained teeth, it is best to see your dentist in downtown Edmonton immediately. Their knowledge and expertise will help you get your pearly whites back.


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