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How To Keep The Gums Healthy

More often than not, patients are often surprised whenever their dentist tells them that they are suffering from periodontal disease. In fact, most patients who have gum problem are not even aware that they have it until their dentist tells them that it has worsened over time. It is indeed difficult to say that one is suffering from a gum problem because it usually does not come with early symptoms. Unlike that of a tooth problem, gum disease is not painful, and it spread throughout the mouth subtly. You can suffer from it over the years and still be unaware.

Seeing blood in the sink whenever you brush is one of the signs of a gum problem, but it is often brushed off. People often dismiss it merely as an effect of overbrushing. Ignoring the early signs of a gum problem could lead to its tenderness. Tender, swollen gums could eventually lead to bleeding gums. It won’t be long until the gum line recedes, exposes the teeth even more, and eventually causes pain.

But how do you deal with it? How do you keep the gums healthy to save you from all the trouble? Here are some tips to help out:

  • Increase the number of times you brush on a daily basis. If you are used to brushing once, then it is best to increase it to twice or thrice a day. In fact, dentists in downtown Edmonton suggests that brushing is done at least once every after a meal. Regular brushing could help keep the harmful bacteria off the mouth. It is important to remember that brushing should be done for at least two minutes every time.
  • Did you forget to floss again? Although it may seem as if flossing could be skipped, dentists think otherwise. Flossing is one of the best ways to help keep the teeth clean at all times. It also prevents tooth decay as it takes out the food particles stuck in between the teeth. Such things could be left unnoticeable. Sadly, some of these food particles can’t be removed by brushing, that’s why it is best to also floss after brushing. Such reinforcement could make a huge difference.
  • Drink a lot of water. Typically, people are only recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day. However, water intake can still be improved to attain maximum results. Water helps the body function accurately. Not only does it keep the body from dehydration, but it also allows the mouth to produce more saliva that keeps the bacteria away. If you could drink more than eight glasses of water a day, you should. It will keep the gums healthy too.
  • Although the gums are susceptible to infection, the good news is that something can be done to help keep it healthy. With the assistance of your trusted dentist in downtown Edmonton, you can keep your gums healthy, and your teeth protected too.

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