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5 Common Questions People Have About Invisalign

How many solutions would you find in the market that can not only fix the shape of teeth to bring out your desired smile but also preserve the aesthetic value of the white teeth?

If you’re ‘hip’ enough, you’ll go for the coloured braces and smile like a rock-star with protruding teeth. Or, you might want to make the whole aligner disappear by using Invisalign ® invisible braces.

Invisalign is a recent development in the field of orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry. Patients looking for a better option than just braces may have a few concerns in their minds.

1) Is Invisalign More Comfortable than Conventional Braces?

There are a lot of people uneasy about this similar factor of comfort. Typical braces can be promising about the realignment of teeth. But the painful days of wearing braces and the wires hurting your gums and cheeks is what makes people want an alternative. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign does not require the use of wires to hold on to over your teeth. The invisible aligners are made of mouthguard materials and are soft on your mouth.

2) Is Invisalign Convenient for Regular Use?

Some severe cases of crooked or protruding teeth may require a larger amount of clips on the teeth. Braces can create problems in eating and speaking. Food stuck in the wires and clips make traditional braces annoying when you’re out for dinner. Invisalign braces give you relief every time you want to eat as you have to remove them whenever you want to eat. Come back home to sleep with Invisalign through the night and redesign your teeth’s shape.

3) Is Invisalign Harder to Clean and Maintain?

Invisalign braces do not have detachable parts and wires, so you don’t have to necessarily clean it every time you eat something. Invisalign is removable so you can eat without getting your braces dirty. Braces require regular flossing and rinsing of cheeks and gums. Invisalign, on the other hand, can be cleaned by just using a toothbrush dipped in water and bleach or toothpaste. The material of the aligners allows them to repel dirt and grit so you only have to clean them every 3rd day.

4) Is Invisalign Heavier on My Pockets?

Unless you have a decent salary, yes. Invisalign can be a budget toppling thing for some. Invisalign braces require more production time and applied sciences to better the shape of your teeth. The material that provides comfort to your teeth might make you feel financially uncomfortable. Invisalign requires a change in the shape of their own construction to match the direction of your adapting teeth. This makes it an expensive treatment procedure despite its appreciable results.

5) Is Invisalign Supposed to be Used for Long Hours?

The body does not adapt itself to something until the regularity of it is forced upon it. In the same way, wearing Invisalign is supposed to work for most of the time of your day. At least 22 hours of use of Invisalign is recommended by the dentists. It can be irritating for a few days but every new aligner will slowly work your teeth towards a better smile.

You can get a dental checkup at the nearest dentist in Edmonton to discuss the Invisalign treatment your teeth structure needs. The dentist will take 3D images of your teeth and send your results straight to the nearest Invisalign production centre.

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