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6 Tips to Prevent Plaque

There are different types of dental problems that one experiences due to the lack of maintaining proper dental hygiene. Plaque is one such common dental problem. It is a soft, sticky and yellowish thin layer that hardens between the gums and is made of bacteria. The bacteria mainly feeds on the sugar you consume and later produces plaque-causing acids. If not taken care, these acids attack your teeth and cause severe tooth decay and other oral diseases. However, you can save yourself from the plaque attack by following our plaque prevention tips.

1) Brush Regularly

In order to avoid plaque and tartar, dental experts recommend brushing teeth twice a day to keep the bacteria away. Brushing teeth regularly eradicates half the risk of tooth decay and many more diseases arising out of it and saves you long hours of dental cleaning at the clinic.

2) Floss Regularly

Apart from brushing it is very important to floss your teeth carefully and regularly because the crevices between your teeth can’t be reached by the toothbrush bristles. Brushing removes 65% of bacteria and flossing helps in getting rid of the remaining 35%, which is essential in preventing any germ buildup.

3) Use a Mouthwash

When you rinse your mouth with water, you are not allowing all the bacteria to exit your mouth. An antibacterial mouthwash is the best solution to get rid of the bacteria after your brushing and flossing routine.

4) Go for Dental Checkup

You may think your teeth are healthy, however, it is always advised to visit a dentist at least every 6 months. Dental checkup helps in identifying and foreseeing the slightest tooth decay or cavity build-up. Once detected, it’s easier to treat decay beforehand and prevent any serious issues.

5) Follow a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet has a lot to do with healthy teeth. When you eat healthy and keep your mouth hydrated, your teeth are less prone to any bacterial attacks. It is advisable to have fruits and vegetables since it helps in maintaining the saliva flow and reduces plaque-causing acids.

6) Limit Sugar Intake

The root cause for plaque buildup is sugar. As discussed above, plaque-causing bacteria feed on sugar. Since we can’t avoid sugar completely as every food has at least a little sugar content, we can prevent plaque by limiting our sugar intake.

‘Prevention is better than cure’. This phrase rightly applies to your dental health. Inculcating good dental habits and preventing plaque buildup will eventually save you from major periodontal diseases. So always visit your dentist for a professional dental cleaning to make sure that your teeth are in the pink of health.