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Safeguard Your Child’s Dental Health

Children are at a higher risk of developing various dental problems. The most common threat to your child’s dental health is cavities and decays. With today’s eating habits, the chances of your child getting a severe decay or pit and fissure cavity is very common. Children have immense love for chocolates and sweets, snacks, junk food, and sugary drinks. These eating habits can ruin your child’s dental health. Such eating habits can also develop several problems that can bother them for a lifetime if not treated.

There are several easy ways you can safeguard your child’s dental health with. Take a look at some of them:

  1. Teach your child to brush properly if he/she is above 2 years old. Tell them the importance of brushing correctly. Ask them to brush their teeth at least twice daily.

  2. Once they are 8 years old, teach them to floss correctly. You see to it that they floss properly and don’t end up hurting themselves with the floss thread.

  3. Don’t let your child use a pacifier for a long time. Prolonged use of pacifier or thumb-sucking can make your child’s teeth crooked and lead to protruding teeth and misalignment. This gives rise to the need of braces.

  4. Find out if the water in your house has adequate fluoride content and make your child drink tap water. Fluoride is necessary for preventing tooth cavities and decays. The optimal amount of fluoride should be 0.7 milligrams per liter. If your water doesn’t have this amount, ask the pediatric dentists for oral supplements.

  5. Make sure your child only uses a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, fluoridated toothpaste preferably, and always spits it out with water. Swallowing too much of toothpaste can lead to fluorosis – debility caused due to excessive fluoride that leads to yellow teeth.

  6. Keep an eye on what your child eats. Encourage your child to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, cheddar cheese, yogurt, green leafy vegetables for healthy teeth and gums.

  7. Prevent your child from eating sugary and sticky foods such as candies, lollipops, hard jellies, chocolates, etc. and limit their consumption of colas, sodas, smoothies, and other artificially flavored and colored drinks.

  8. Ensure your child drinks an adequate amount of water, especially after every meal. This will cleanse their mouth and lower the risks of cavities, decays, and bad breath.

  9. Be patient with your child and let them share their dental concerns with you comfortably. If you be too strict with them, they would refrain from telling you about their dental problems and pains.

It is very important to bring your child to our Edmonton Downtown Dentists on a regular basis. With our timely check-ups and inspection, the dental issues can be prevented and avoided. Not only this, if your child’s dental health is already affected, our professional dentists will suggest the best solutions and preventive treatments. If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s dental health, you can call us at 1587-316-9776 or book an appointment.

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