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Should You Crown Your Tooth?

Your dentist might have asked you to get a dental crown and you may be wondering if you really need them. Well, dental crown are applied as a protective cover when the enamel on your tooth gets eroded. Therefore, your teeth require additional protection that comes in the form of a dental crown procedure. A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. A dental service in Edmonton provides you with different types of dental crowns that include metal, porcelain or composite and many other dental crowns for your teeth. But, when do you need a dental crown procedure? The following points tell you when you should crown your tooth.

Weak Tooth

If you have a weak tooth, then a dental crown procedure becomes essential to protect the tooth. The dental crown that is covered over the weak tooth prevents it from decaying further or falling out. Furthermore, the crown prevents the weak tooth from fracturing. A dental crown is capped when you have a broken tooth as well.

Large Filling Area

A dental procedure is done when they need to cover and provide support to a tooth with a large filling. Large fillings indicate that most part of the tooth has been eroded. Such teeth are weak and are bound to fall out. Hence, they need extra protection.

Discolored or Out of Shape Tooth

A dental service in Edmonton carries out a dental crown procedure to cover a discolored tooth. The crown covers the bad tooth and enhances its appearance. Besides, nowadays, you get dental crown which matches the color of your tooth. Moreover, the crown is used for a tooth that has gone out of shape. Thus, when a crown is applied on an out of shape tooth, it is able to improve its shape and alignment. As a result, the tooth functions better.

Root Canal Treatment

When you undergone a root canal treatment, a dental crown procedure is also required. This is done when your tooth needs more protection. A tooth is capped with the help of dental crowns along with the dental implants and bridges in certain cases in order to provide a tooth like shape and structure. Your dentist will recommend if your tooth has to be capped after a root canal treatment.

Dental crowns are strong enough to last for about 10 years or more if they are taken good care of. This is done by brushing and flossing your crown just like your permanent teeth. In case you need a dental crown fixed, then get in touch with a dental service in Edmonton.

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