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Post Tooth Extraction Care

We all have gone through the tough days after undergoing tooth extraction. If you have recently got a tooth extracted, here are certain do’s and don’ts, and tooth extraction care steps that you must follow to avoid any further serious problem.

Sleep at an Elevation

Bleeding after the tooth extraction procedure is normal. Along with pressing a clean cloth or a gauze roll over the bleeding area, you must try and control the bleeding. For this, you must sleep or lie down at an elevation which means, position your head in such a way that it is above the level of your heart. Doing so helps in reducing your head’s blood pressure and decreases the blood loss after tooth extraction. You can sleep or lie down on a recliner chair or a bed, or simply use an extra pillow for the first 2-3 days.

Keep the area Clean

It is extremely important to keep the area clean all the time as bacteria and food particles can lead to infection and other problems. Continue brushing but be more gentle and careful while brushing the area. Avoid mouthwash for a few days and use lukewarm salt water to rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day. Saltwater will keep the area clean and also help in reducing the swelling and pain.

Use ice Pack

To reduce the swelling and relieve the pain, apply ice pack on the outside of your mouth, on the cheek near the extracted tooth area for 10-15 minutes at a time. Repeat this as often as you can till you notice a reduction in swelling and pain. Make sure you don’t apply the cold pack for a very long time as this can worsen the condition.

Stick to Cool and Soft Foods

Avoid hot or even warm foods and drinks for the first few days as these foods can dissolve the blood clots formed within the extracted tooth socket and trigger bleeding. It is better to consume cold and soft food items as they help in healing the area. Chewing these foods and drinks exert less pressure on the gums. After a week or so, you can resume consuming normally. Meanwhile, don’t skip meals as adequate nutrients are needed for the area to heal in time.

Give up Smoking

There are a number of reasons why smoking before the extraction area heals completely is harmful. Carbon monoxide that enters the bloodstream and nicotine interferes and hinders the normal healing process of the area. Not only this, the sucking action of smoking applies pressure to the area and disrupts blood clot. Hence, avoid smoking for the first 48 hours, but preferably till the time your gums heal completely.

The healing process can be fastened and pain can be controlled with the help of correct medication. It is best to consult our Edmonton Downtown Dentists before being your own doctor and taking any kind of medicine or drug. Our dentists will suggest the best remedies and prescribe appropriate medication depending on your oral situation and concern.

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