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Stop Your Gums From Bleeding

If your gums are bleeding, there’s a high chance you have contracted a gum disease. It could also be due to brushing your teeth too hard, you are flossing your teeth incorrectly, or  you got a severe blow to your mouth. Bleeding gums require a dental emergency service since it causes inflammation and affects the teeth too.

When you find that your gums are bleeding, you need to take steps to stop it.

Apply Cold Compress

To stop bleeding gums immediately, apply a cold compress over the bleeding area. This will reduce the loss of blood flow. If the bleeding does not stop or the inflammation is there, it is highly recommended that you go for a dental emergency service checkup.

Use Clove Oil or Aloe vera

Applying clove oil on the bleeding area helps reduce inflammation. Take a little amount of clove oil on your finger and rub it over the bleeding gums gently. You can try chewing one or two cloves as well. Out of the many medicinal properties of aloe vera, it also reduces the extent of inflammation on your gums and reduces bleeding. Take a small amount of aloe vera pulp and gently apply it on your gums. Once the pulp has settled over your gums, rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy food is one of the preventive remedies for bleeding gums. A diet which includes vegetables and fruits gives your gums the nutrients they need. Consuming dairy products are instrumental in making your teeth and gums stronger because of the calcium content. Avoid or sugary foods, such as chocolates, soda or refined bread.

Avoid Sharing

Some gums diseases are contagious. Bacteria can spread through saliva, hence it is advisable not to share food.  For example, using the same glass for drinking or toothbrush needs to be avoided.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has an impact on your gums too. The harmful substances in tobacco smoke keep your gums from getting the nutrition that they need, and causes inflammation.

Smoking also affects the blood flow which does not give enough nourishment for your gums. The gums then begin to swell and this result in bleeding. So giving up on smoking helps your gum gain the nutrition they need and stop the bleeding. .

Apart from the above remedies for bleeding gums, you may use certain products that claim to stop bleeding gums immediately. However, a dentist recommendation is a better option. If you still experience bleeding gums or inflammation, then you need to get a dental emergency service.

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