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Common Dental Problems For Teenagers

Growing up as a teenager brings in many puberty and dental changes. Some of these changes can cause some teen dental problems. Therefore, oral care for teens is very important. It is critical that teenagers are thought that they have only one set of permanent teeth. If you develop good habits for your teeth as a teenage, you make your teeth last a lifetime. Sometimes oral care for teens isn’t sufficient enough. A teenager can still experience some dental problems despite taking good care of teeth. The following points cover various teen dental problems that a teenager might experience.

The Wisdom Teeth

On an average, most people get permanent teeth by the age of 12-13. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth which should come somewhere between the ages of 17-25. Often, the wisdom tooth does not have enough room to come out due to lack of space in the dental structure. This causes the tooth to come out in the wrong position. Furthermore, wisdom tooth can cause immense pain and swollen mouth. A dentist may advise you to remove wisdom tooth in some cases to prevent further difficulties. A dental service in Edmonton can help you to remove your wisdom tooth.

Oral Piercings

Oral piercings cause several dental concerns. Good oral care for teens includes avoiding piercing their mouth. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria which can cause infection and swelling due to the piercing. To overcome the infection, you must clean the pierced material thoroughly every day. In addition to this, you could possibly damage your teeth when you bite the pierced material while having food.


Smoking is quite common among youngsters. It can cause oral-health-related problems. You stain your teeth because of nicotine and tar which are responsible for tobacco stains. Gum diseases and tooth erosion is another implication of smoking. Lastly, it can also leads to oral cancer which could prove fatal. Oral cancer is due to the chemical which causes genetic changes in cells of mouth cavity. Therefore, you must avoid smoking instead since it leads to a variety of teen dental problems.

Knocking Out Teeth

There is a high chance that teens will have knocked-out tooth. This is mainly because most of the teenagers play outdoors sports and when you play sports accidents are bound to happen. A tooth can be knocked out because of fighting or even other kinds of accident. Visiting a dental service in Edmonton helps you fix the uprooted tooth provided the person is taken immediately to the dentist. Care should be taken that you do not scratch the wounded the area. To avoid knocking out teeth, it is better that you use the mouthguard before playing any sports.

Regular check up at a dentist will ensure you have a good set of healthy teeth. Avoid habits that can cause dental problems. To know about dental problems among teens, consult your dentist.Your dentist will give you a detailed analysis of how to work out on teen related dental problems.


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