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How Do You Floss Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth every day, twice is a good practice. However, apart from brushing your teeth, there are more thing you can do to protect your teeth. In addition to brushing, you should also floss your teeth. Flossing ensures that the plaque and food particles between teeth, where the bristles of the toothbrush may not reach, is cleaned.

The following points will list out some flossing techniques which mention a proper way to floss your teeth.

Step 1

First, to pick the right type of floss. There are two types of floss – Nylon floss, which is also known as multifilament floss, and PTFE floss, which is also known as monofilament floss. A nylon floss is made up of many strands of nylon fabric, making this stringy and possible to break apart. The PTFE floss is made up of a single strand or thread and glides in between even the tightest of spaces. If you have wider gaps between your teeth it is better to use nylon floss and vice versa.

Step 2

Wrap the ends of about 22 inches floss around your middle fingers on both the hands. Usually, people begin to floss once they’ve brushed their teeth. Many dentists across the world including dentists in Edmonton are of the opinion that flossing your teeth before brushing them is more effective. The reason being that once you floss it removes the particles which get stuck in teeth. This allows the toothpaste to reach more spaces between the teeth if you floss before brushing.

Step 3

Attach the floss between both hands in such a way that you have about 4 inches of floss exposed. You will use this exposed region for flossing. You can use your thumb for flossing the upper teeth, while the index figure can be used to floss the lower teeth. However, you may use your own flossing technique if you are not comfortable with this method.

Step 4

The proper way to floss is to start from top of the tooth that is, from the gum line and then come down. Move the floss gently. Do not saw back and forth as this is not good for the enamel on the teeth. Move the floss in a C-motion slowly for a couple of time.

Step 5

Slide the floss in the same manner for all your teeth. Do not forget to slide at the backs of your rear molars. Flossing can lead to bleeding from your gums so that you need to work on your flossing technique or your gums need to be flossed more often. Once you’re done with flossing, rinse your mouth well with water.

Now that you are aware of the proper way to floss your teeth, make sure you follow these steps. Most dentists in Edmonton recommend more or less a similar method of flossing. If you have any difficulties while flossing your teeth or in case of any dental emergencies, please consult your family dentist or get in touch with dentists in Edmonton.


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