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Beverages That Are Spoiling Your Teeth and Gums

Your oral health is important and relies on what you consume. When you consume food or drinks containing sugar or carbohydrates, the bacteria in the mouth convert them into acid. Then the acid attacks the teeth; it weakens the enamel and leads to tooth decay. A drink is healthy or not is determined on the basis of how much acid it contains determined by a pH scale. Acid on the pH scale measures 5.5 or less is harmful. From the insights of our professional dentists in Edmonton, we explain some beverages that can spoil your oral health.


You may be the one who loves to sip tea throughout the day, but you may be unaware of the danger it can cause to your teeth. Tea has an acid measure between 2.5 to 3.5 pH. Tea is also loaded with sugar that can have an adverse effect on your teeth, such as teeth stain. If the tea contains a minimal amount of sugar or it is green tea, then you are out of danger.


Soda affects the enamel of your teeth. When the acid in soda comes in contact with the enamel of teeth, it leads to erosion. Sports drinks and energy supplements also attack the enamel and lead to similar oral problems. Soda can also affect the inner layer called dentin and composite fillings. The damage caused to dentin can lead to cavities. Regular consumption of soda can lead to poor oral health.

Fruit Juices

Making fruit juices the alternatives for cold drinks may seem healthy, but actually, it is not. Fruit juice is concentrated and has a lot more acid than fruit in its natural form. Fruit juice acids measures below 5.5 on the pH scale. So, dentists, including ours, suggest you better eat natural fruits instead of juices. And if you can’t give up on juices, you can use straws to minimize the damage.


Most of the vodka has a pH of 4, and in some cases, the pH of vodka is even higher. The different range of vodka has different pH measures. The low-cost vodka brands tend to have less pH, and the premium range of vodkas will eventually have a high range of pH.  Plus, the alcohol has a drying effect that can lessen the saliva in your mouth – the natural defence in your mouth.

These are some beverages that can harm your teeth and gums. Stay aware, and if you consume any of the above-mentioned beverages regularly, then you should stop that habit. If you are suffering from any dental problem you can come to us; we have some of the best dentists in Edmonton working hard to provide good oral health to people