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Stop Your Kids From Consuming These Foods

Are you worried about your child’s dental health? Has your child already gone through an episode of cavities? Then read on to know how to protect your child’s teeth. Your child might have a very good dental regime but that won’t ensure that he/she is going to be free from dental problems. Food is an essential contributor to dental illness. Certain foods are good for dental health whereas there are some foods which are harmful. Let us take a look at foods which are detrimental to your child’s dental health.

Caffeine and Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine can be a good mood booster for adults but it can be harmful for your child. As a responsible parent, you have to ensure that your child stays away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Caffeine makes your mouth dry. A dry mouth is a thriving place for harmful bacteria.

Potato Chips

Most kids enjoy having potato chips but it is considered to be a bad choice for your dental health. Potato chips contain starch which can get trapped in your teeth. The sugar from starch can affect your child’s teeth enamel and lead to a wide range of dental illnesses.


Kids these days love to indulge in fast food and most fast food joints serve soda and other carbonated drinks. These drinks are not only harmful to your child’s dental health but also for their overall health. The sugar from these drinks form an acid in your mouth due to bacteria. This affects your child’s teeth enamel.


Candies are every child’s weakness. They all love indulging in candies of different kinds. But too much consumption of these candies can cause cavities in your child’s teeth. So be firm and cut down on your child’s candy intake.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks just like soda are harmful to your child’s teeth. The sugar from these drinks are bound to harm your child’s dental health.


Popcorn is a popular movie-snack but just like potato chips, it can easily get trapped in your child’s teeth. This can foster bacterial growth. Unpopped corns are even more harmful as it is difficult to remove them from the crevices of  your child’s teeth. This can even break your child’s teeth.

Make sure your children don’t consume these foods, as maintaining dental health right from their childhood is crucial. To know more about foods that are good for your child’s dental health, reach out to our dental experts at Downtown Dental.

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