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Dentist in Downtown Edmonton Alberta: Different Types of Dental Fillings

Cavities in teeth are one major issue that most people face. Often these cavities are caused due to poor oral habits. When your teeth are not cleaned properly, the plaque is formed. The acid released from plaque causes erosion of the tooth enamel leading to tiny holes which are known as cavities. Cavities in your teeth not only trap food but can also lead to major gum diseases as well. The dental filling is an option used by dentists to fill your cavities and avoid dental problems. Here are the different types of dental fillings that a dentist in Downtown Edmonton Alberta uses.

Amalgam Filling

Also known as silver amalgam filling, amalgam filling is made by the amalgamation of silver, tin, mercury, and copper. One of the oldest types of dental filling, it is easily identifiable due to its visible silver color. It is a long-lasting option which is much easy on the pocket. However, a lot of people have stopped choosing amalgam filling as it contains mercury which is considered to be toxic to the overall health. Other drawbacks include darkening of the filling and teeth sensitivity due to the metallic nature of the filling.

Gold Filling

The gold filling is in fact made of gold and hence, is an expensive type of dental filling. However, this filling has about 75% of gold, and the rest are other metals such as silver and palladium. The people who opt for gold fillings do so for its durable and corrosion resistant nature. It is considered as a good option because it does not let saliva or any bacteria seep in. People do feel sensitivity after getting a gold filling. However, the sensitivity lasts for a few weeks only.

Ceramic Filling

Unlike the other fillings, ceramic fillings are not directly filled in your tooth cavity. It is prepared by a dental technician out of high-grade ceramic, to be directly fitted in your tooth cavity. A ceramic filling takes more than one dental visit. Although it is not as strong as gold filling, the lamination makes it durable and long-lasting. The benefit of a ceramic filling is that it is more natural looking.

Composite Filling

A composite filling is a highly preferred type of filling for the various benefits it provides. Also known as direct filling, the composite filling is made with a putty, which is similar to the tooth color, and is directly applied to the cavity in the tooth. It is highly durable and natural looking. The composite filling requires you to remove a small part of the healthy tooth to apply the filling. However, this type of filling can only be used for smaller cavities.

When a dentist in Downtown Edmonton Alberta uses a dental filling to fill up your cavity, they will provide you the option of choosing from the ones mentioned above. Now that you are aware of the types of fillings, you can take a wise decision of choosing one for yourself if you have damaged your teeth due to cavities. If you have a cavity which needs urgent filling, do not wait and book an appointment with our experienced dentist in Downtown Edmonton Alberta.

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