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Are You the Right Candidate for a Root Canal Therapy?

A lot of times people feel that the only solution for most dental issues such as decays and inflammation is tooth extraction. But the better solution is getting a restoration service such as root canal treatment. However, not everyone may be the ideal candidate for root canal treatment. To understand if you are the right person for this therapy, see if you have these signs.

You Have Severe Decays

Your teeth, especially the molars can decay if you don’t follow proper oral hygiene or binge on sweet and acidic foods. If not treated in time, decays can grow and cause deeper damage in your teeth. Deep damages can lead touch the surface where your gum nerves are situated and then result in pain. So, if you have excessive decay, root canal treatment can be the best solution to remove the decayed portion and restore your dental structure.

You Have Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity happens when your tooth enamel is eroded due to any reason. When this outermost layer depletes, you feel pain or discomfort every time you consume something hot or cold. If you experience discomfort in your molars or teeth located on the rear side, you may mostly need a root canal treatment to solve the issue. You can visit your dentist and figure out of this therapy will be ideal for your oral situation.

Your Gum Area is Swollen

If your gums are tender, red, and swollen, and you feel persistent pain in your gums, it can be due to an underlying issue. Your dentist will be able to examine your oral health and figure out why your gums are hurting. If your dentist suggests because the pain just won’t go after medication and other solutions, root canal treatment can be ideal.

You Experience Pain

If you experience intense pain in a particular part of your mouth, it can be an alarming sign of a dental issue. If this pain remains for a long time, it can be due to decay or cavity or even as the starting point of gum disease. And if you don’t have any dental issue such as decays but still experience intense pain, it can be a reason to worry. Your dentist will recommend root canal treatment based on the oral issues you have.

Apart from these signs, other symptoms that may require a root canal treatment include a shaky tooth, discoloured tooth, prolonged sensitivity, fractured tooth, etc. You must always talk to your dentist and see what solution they suggest.

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