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Why Forgetting About Your Missing Tooth Is A Bad Idea

As an adult, losing a tooth is not just an aesthetic issue, but is also a huge oral problem. Losing an adult tooth requires tooth replacement using dental procedures, as a new tooth will not naturally grow into the gap to replace your missing tooth. Despite knowing this, a lot of adults don’t get their missing or lost teeth replaced. This can lead to several serious dental problems and here is why you should never forget about filling a missing tooth gap.

Leaning/Crowding Teeth

This is one of the most common effects of not filling a missing tooth gap. If you leave a gap unfilled between two teeth, these teeth tend to shift in position and grow into that gap. This causes crowding and leaning of teeth, which can adversely affect your chewing as well as your speech. If left unchecked for long, the surrounding teeth will crowd into the space left by the missing tooth and the problem will be beyond repair. Before your missing tooth causes such problems, it is advisable to visit a reputed dental service in Alberta and have it replaced.


Missing teeth cause gaps that expose the underlying gums. The exposed gums then become prone to sensitivity, as the nerve endings holding the tooth in place have been exposed in the mouth. If you do not feel the need to fix missing tooth because it is not visible when you smile, this is a reason that should make you reconsider. Even if your missing tooth is not visible when you smile or talk, the nerve endings exposed by the lost tooth can cause sensitivity and pain in the mouth and make biting and chewing extremely painful.

Resorbed Jaw

In extreme cases, the failure to fill a missing tooth gap can result in a resorbed or disfigured jaw. This can happen when no attempts have been made to fix missing tooth and the gap left by the tooth remains open. Teeth serve many functions apart from just assisting in chewing and biting. They also provide stimulation to the jaws by the biting and chewing movements and help maintain the natural shape of the jaw. In the absence of the constant stimulation to the jaw one, the bone begins to get exposed as the gum recedes. This does not only alter the shape of your jawbone, but also that of your chin and cheeks. Although this process can take years, it is irreparable and must be taken seriously. Fix missing tooth so you never have to experience this painful, disfiguring process. Consult your trusted dental service in Alberta immediately.

These are the key problems associated with not being prompt enough to fix missing tooth or filling a missing tooth gap and why you must never forget a missing tooth or ignore it. If you ever lose a tooth, contact your reliable dental service in Alberta and get an expert opinion at the earliest.

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