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When Should You Consider Tooth Extraction

The only good thing about losing a tooth is that you get to have ice cream after that. But this reason isn’t good enough for you to have tooth extractions all the time. Losing a tooth limits your ability to eat and talk freely. Also, there are chances that your healthy neighbouring teeth may start shifting as they get free space around. Disease-causing bacteria may also get collected in these gaps and result in severe dental conditions. However, there are a few instances when tooth extraction becomes more than an option. Here are some of those cases.

Tooth Beyond Repair

A lot of dental issues have some or the other solution in dentistry because tooth restoration is always the main aim for most dentists. However, if your tooth is extremely decayed or fractured, tooth extraction may be the right solution. Excessively decayed teeth are better to be removed. Likewise, if your tooth has several chips and cracks, your dentist won’t be able to correct them with dental veneers or bonding. Therefore, you must get your tooth extracted in such a scenario.

Impacted Tooth

Some teeth just fail to erupt normally. A tooth, generally a wisdom tooth is impacted when it is blocked from coming out, or when the gums did not fully erupt preventing the tooth to come out. This can cause food traps and hygiene problems that can lead to gum disease and bone loss, affecting not only those specific teeth but the surrounding teeth as well. Tooth extraction is the best way to deal with this issue.

Painful Accident

If you recently had a massive accident or fall that affected your oral health, read this carefully. Accidents and falls can cause excessive damage to your teeth. One of your teeth may be affected and start shaking. It may shake to the extent of falling out. If you don’t get this tooth extracted, it will make your life vulnerable due to intense pain. You won’t be able to relish your favourite food or beverage too. Therefore, get your tooth extracted if your dentist feels that it’s the best solution to your issue.

Overcrowded Teeth

Sometimes, tooth extraction may be necessary even when you have healthy teeth. When you have overcrowded teeth or too many teeth in line, you will experience a lot of issues. Overcrowding may result in plaque buildup, toothache, and even tooth sensitivity. The extraction of one or several teeth may be necessary to eliminate the overcrowding in the mouth. If you are opting for orthodontic treatment to align your teeth well, and there is not enough space for your teeth to straighten, your dentist will suggest a tooth extraction.

If you take proper care of your oral hygiene and follow all the post-tooth extraction care suggested by your dentist, your mouth will be free from any bacterial attack or dental issues. So make sure you listen to your dentist carefully.

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