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Is It Time To Get Braces?

Some kids just can’t wait to get their braces. They see their braces as a sign that they are about to enter the new realm that’s called teenage years. There are others who fear the thought of it. They don’t know how it would feel to have braces on or how it is going to change their lives.

However your child feels about wearing braces, you as the parent probably have a long list of questions you’d like to ask the dentist too. Your concerns are not just about the braces but the changes that it comes with when your child begins to wear it. More than that, you also worry about how much it is going to cost you, including the follow-up dental check-ups that come after for maintenance. Here are interesting facts about dental braces that might just answer your concerns.

Why do kids need braces?

There are some reasons why dentists in Edmonton recommend that kids wear braces. After a thorough assessment of their dental health, children who have crooked. Overcrowded or overlapping teeth are recommended to wear dental braces. Malocclusion also knew as the “bad bite” is also a condition that requires the wearing of braces. Malocclusion is the condition when the upper and lower jaws have different sizes. When the upper jaw is bigger, the condition is known as an overbite while a smaller upper jaw meant an underbite.

These jaw problems occur among children who lost their milk teeth too early. Accidents can also cause the misalignment of teeth while there are children who suffer from it due to bad habits like thumb sucking. However, the biggest reason why children need braces is that of the dental condition they have inherited. If someone older in the family is wearing braces, the likelihood of the children wearing braces too is very high.

How do dentists know that your child needs to start wearing braces?

Orthodontic treatments are often a result of careful evaluation of your dentist. Although they see the early signs of the need for orthodontic treatment including the wearing of braces during regular dental check-ups. That’s why it is important to bring your child to the dentist twice each year to make sure that the early signs of dental problems are detected. With the assistance of the dentist, you can be confident that you will be able to take care of your child’s dental health the best way you can.

There is no exact age when orthodontic treatment can be provided. Some children have their braces installed when they’re 10, while others may have it during their early teens. Even adults can wear braces or undergo other forms of orthodontic treatment. It depends on the issues that one has.

Is it time to get braces yet? Ask your dentist in downtown Edmonton about it.

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