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6 Reasons To Fix Your Missing Tooth

Losing your permanent teeth not only affects your appearance, but can be a cause of severe oral problems. Tooth loss can occur unexpectedly and for a variety of reasons. You may have injured your mouth, have a dental disease, or have bad oral hygiene. As kids when we lose a primary tooth, it gets replaced by a permanent one. But, no tooth grows in the place of a missing permanent tooth. The gap caused by tooth loss can lead to several dental issues, therefore you must replace your missing tooth. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons on why you should replace your missing tooth.

  1. Mouth Functioning

Even a single missing tooth can lead to difficulties in normal mouth functioning. You can face difficulties while chewing food, making your eating experience unpleasant. Food can get stuck in the gap, causing pain and cavity formation. Tooth loss also affects the overall bite, leading to a shift in jaw. This results in an unpleasant appearance as well as bite problems. When your mouth does not work the way it should, it leads to discomfort in your daily routine. Hence, it is best to get your missing tooth replaced.

  1. Crowding

A missing tooth can lead to misalignment in your teeth structure. The surrounding teeth begin to shift into the open space resulting in crowding of teeth. Drifting of teeth from their original position causes discomfort as well as dental issues. Crowding of teeth can throw your mouth out of alignment, leaving you with a crooked smile.

  1. Bone Loss

Tooth loss can cause the jaw bone to shrink. Your jaw bone needs to be stimulated with tooth and jaw activity to maintain bone density. Hence, when the jaw bone is not stimulated by a tooth, it starts to shrink. Loss of jaw bone causes your entire facial structure to shrink, resulting in a sunken and aged appearance.

  1. Risk of Dental Disease

A missing tooth not only affects your smile, but also invites other dental problems. Food and bacteria can easily accumulate in the gap, affecting the surrounding teeth and eventually leading to further tooth loss. Gum disease can also be caused due to cavity accumulation as well as change in position of teeth. Replacing your missing tooth can prevent such situations.

  1. Affects your Speech

Number of letters are formed and spoken with the help of your teeth and tongue. A missing tooth can affect your speech, making it difficult for you to converse or speak words. It often results in spitting or lisping while speaking, which affects your overall personality.

  1. Aesthetics

It is natural to feel self conscious and low when you suffer tooth loss. You tend to become conscious when smiling and talking. This also affects your overall confidence. The discomfort can also impact your mood negatively. Replacing the tooth can help you achieve a beautiful smile and enhance your mood as well as overall quality of life.

These reasons specify the importance of replacing your missing tooth.  There are several ways to replace your missing tooth such as crowns and dental implants. Tooth loss can occur unexpectedly, so if you suffer tooth loss, consult a dentist immediately to get the best treatment.

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