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Should You Visit The Cosmetic Dentist?

Have you visited your dentist for cosmetic dentistry? Most of the times, people visit a dental clinic when they have some dental problems or need to go for a checkup. However, the role of a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton is not limited to taking care of your dental health alone. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can enhance the physical appearance of your oral health too. But how? The following points tell you how cosmetic dentistry helps you out.

Discolored Tooth

Do you have a discolored tooth in the front part of your mouth? Surely a discolored tooth wouldn’t make you quite comfortable when it comes to smiling freely. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to whiten the discolored tooth. Moreover, a dentist is able to whiten your teeth and give you better results than any fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash.

Missing Tooth

If you miss a tooth, then it certainly affects your look. Also, it is a bad idea to forget about your missing tooth as it can cause some dental problems. A cosmetic dentist is able to attach implants, dentures or crowns, and cover the open space between your teeth.

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth are known to cause problems when it comes to biting your food. This is because there is a mismatch between the upper and lower level teeth. If you experience difficulty, due to misaligned teeth, then visit a cosmetic dentist to get your teeth properly aligned. The dentist will either use dental veneers or dental braces to get your teeth aligned correctly.

Reshape Your Teeth

Your teeth can wear down and become small due to grinding, or tooth decay, or it may be too pointy. In such a situation, a cosmetic dentist can reshape your teeth with some cosmetic dentistry methods. The use of porcelain veneers is quite common when it comes to reshaping your teeth.

Bonding Your Teeth

If there is an excess gap between your teeth, it needs to be corrected. The excess gap is prone to tooth decay because of accumulation of food particles. A cosmetic dentist uses a bonding material that is used to fill small gaps caused due to cavity. This bonding can last for a good number of years.

Damaged Tooth

A damaged tooth is usually weak and causes toothache. Therefore, a damaged tooth needs to be protected so that it does not fall out. For this purpose, a cosmetic dentist may apply dental veneers or crowns. If the condition of the tooth is worse, then the dentist will recommend you to undergo a root canal procedure as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are several other instances when you may need to visit a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton. In case of any periodontal diseases, the cosmetic dentist also undertakes periodontal plastic procedures as well. If you need to fix any of these problems and want a better smile, then you should get in touch with a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton.


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