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Should You Use Mouthwash?

A mouthwash can be of different types based on their functionality. You have fluoride mouthwash, desensitizing mouthwash and anti-plaque mouthwash. But should I use mouthwash? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to oral hygiene. Also, when people ask this question, it reveals that they are concerned about their dental health and want to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Here are few points that helps answer your question.

Prevents Tooth Decay

A fluoride mouthwash is known to prevent tooth decays. This is because, while you rinse your mouth, the fluoride mouthwash is able to enter the inner part of the teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. Moreover, when you use a mouthwash liquid, it helps you clear out the debris that accumulates between your teeth. It also washes the plaque and debris that gets collected in the cracks and crevices of your mouth. All of this prevents tooth decay.

Removes Bad Breath

Should I use mouthwash? Well, if you have a bad breath, then you should. Sometimes bad breath results because of the food particles that get stuck between the teeth. To prevent such bad breath, rinse your mouth with the help of a liquid mouthwash or water. Even though you may not have a bad breath, when you use mouthwash liquid it gives you a fresh breath.

Acts as Saliva Substitute

For people suffering from dry mouth, the use of liquid mouthwash is beneficial. Some mouthwashes act as saliva and prevent dry mouth. People with extreme dry mouth are recommended to use such mouthwashes to rinse multiple times a day.

Prevents or Reduces Gum Diseases

When you use mouthwash liquid, it helps to prevent or reduce gingivitis which is an early sign of gum diseases. A liquid mouthwash has antimicrobial agents that act directly on the oral bacteria and decreases the severity of gingivitis. Sometimes, due to gum diseases, it becomes difficult to brush. It may also result in bleeding gums which are worrying signs. In such cases, a mouthwash is useful as it provides additional protection against cavities and gum diseases.

Reduces Plaque Formation

The formation of plaque which is a thin film of bacteria that forms on teeth is reduced with the use of mouthwash. It also prevents the speedy formation of tartar which is a resulted of hardened plaque.

So, to answer the question – Should I use mouthwash? The answer is yes. The use of mouthwash has all the above-mentioned benefits to keep good dental health. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that using mouthwash doesn’t act as a substitute to regular brushing or flossing your teeth. It only acts as an extra protection to take good care of your oral hygiene. For more information on the right kind of mouthwash for your oral hygiene, visit a dental clinic.

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