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Sports Guards

Certain sports activities involve physical contact with other players. This often involves physical and blunt force trauma, which can damage your face and your dental structure. If you have played sports like ice hockey, basketball, or football, crashing into the opposing players is quite common. As a teenager or an adult, you only have one set of teeth and you must protect them. If your teeth get damaged, chipped or knocked out while playing a sport, it can be difficult to get it fixed.

Sports Guards

At Downtown Dental, we offer a range of sports guards that you can pick from depending on your need, frequency of use, and budget.

  • Stock Mouth Guards
    These mouth guards are readily available and are clearly not the best option. However, we recommend this if you need a quick and temporary solution.
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Guards
    Boil and bite mouth guards are readily available mouth guards that are put in warm water before use. This warms the plastic material and when you bit into it, it molds slightly to fit your teeth. However, they often do not result in a perfect fit. We can help you choose one with the best fit.

Downtown Dental Custom Mouth Guards

We always recommend custom mouth guards. They are quite simply the best option to protect your teeth while playing a sports game. Since they are custom-made, they perfectly fit your teeth without compromising on comfortability. A mold is used to accurately take the shape of your mouth and then a lab technician constructs one according to it. In addition, we also adjust the protection offered to your teeth depending on the sport you play.

When you are out on the field or the court, you want to give your best performance while knowing you have taken the correct safety precaution to protect yourself. A custom mouth guard does just that. If you require one, talk to the dentists at Downtown Dental and we will prepare one for you.

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