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Kids Dentistry

At Downtown Dental, we offer a special service reserved for kids. Children are still growing up and understanding the ways of life. They are curious yet they have a fickle attention span. When treating children, our dentists aim to create a positive and fun-filled atmosphere so they enjoy their visit. Children need to be treated in the correct manner so they grow up with the right dental habits and our dentists take extra steps to do so.

Dental Cleaning

Any child who visits Downtown Dental will have their teeth examined and cleaned. Children are still learning to brush and floss their teeth, hence they may not perform a thorough job. Our dentist examines their teeth and remove any food particles. Doing so would greatly reduce the chance of cavities from occurring.

If needed, our dentist would also impart advice to the children on how to brush or floss their teeth better.

Dental Sealant

Putting a sealant on your child’s teeth is a wise choice. A sealant is a thin coating of plastic put on the teeth. Your dental structure has gaps, grooves, and pits which food particles can get stuck. A sealant simply prevents such a problem from happening.

If you want to put a dental sealant on your child’s teeth, just ask our dentist.

Cavity Treatment

Despite the best efforts, children do get cavities. This may occur due to irregular brushing and eating too many sugary foods. To prevent the cavity from eroding the tooth, we fill it. The cavity will first need to be cleaned and any debris needs to be removed. Once that is done, a filling of your choosing (metal or composite resin) is applied to the cavity.

Cavity treatment with children involved is often a delicate process as they might get afraid. We take every step to ensure they feel comfortable and safe.

What to Expect

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