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How To Restore Your Tooth After Root Canal

It is extremely important to fix a crown on a tooth that has been treated with a root canal therapy. After completing the root canal treatment, it is crucial to meet your dentist to get a suitable filling and cover the space with a crown.

In simple words, root canal is a dental procedure that is given to a tooth that no longer can be restored by a dental filling. The infected tooth can be in danger of being lost if the root canal treatment is avoided.

When do you Need a Root Canal Treatment?

When a tooth is infected by dental caries, the tooth structure is lost as the decay eats away the tooth and continues to go deeper into the tissues, ultimately infecting the pulp. In such cases, the root canal treatment can resolve the issue and relieve the patient of any pain symptom without risking tooth loss. In the root canal treatment, the pulp is removed by using a series of files and it is replaced with a biocompatible material. By doing so, you relieve the infected tooth by removing its nerve connection and the tooth technically dies because you cut off its blood supply.

Is the Root Canal Treatment Really Important?

Unlike other parts of your body, when you lose your adult tooth, another one does not grow in its place.  By undergoing the root canal treatment, you basically try to save your natural tooth and restore its ability to function effectively.

The root canal treatment can relieve you of excruciating pain, which definitely makes the entire procedure worth it. With this treatment, you have an opportunity to save your tooth. The pulp of the infected tooth is extirpated and removed, which frees you of the pressure caused by the infection.

How is the Infected Tooth Reinforced and Strengthened?

After the root canal treatment, the infected tooth can become fragile. This happens because during the treatment, your dentist has to create an access cavity (a hole) in the tooth which weakens the tooth. For patients, whose root canal is difficult to locate, the dentist may have to remove greater amounts of internal tooth structure which can make the tooth significantly hollowed out.

By the time the entire root canal procedure is done, there is a high chance of the infected tooth to be at a substantial risk of fracturing. As a result, dentists recommend fixing a dental crown to strengthen your teeth and prevent fracture. The dental crown is made of porcelain and often reinforced by a metal core. This metal core is a foundation to strengthen the tooth and support the crown. This reinforced metal core can protect the potentially brittle tooth to endure the process of mastication.

Another way to strengthen the root canal treated tooth is by installing a dental bridge. The bridgework is attached to a vital tooth so that it can rely on it for strength and stability. This is not essential in all cases, however, when there’s a need, you can always choose this option.

You certainly have to visit your dentist after your root canal treatment is done. The entire restoration process may require you to visit the clinic at least two times. In the first visit, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth so that the core can be made. During your second visit, your dentist will cement the core to the tooth. At last, once the dental crown is ready, your dentist will cement it onto the core.

Our professional dentists at Downtown Dental in Edmonton have years of experience to help you restore your tooth after the root canal treatment. If you or your loved one is going through acute pain because of an infected tooth, get in touch with us at the earliest. If you delay seeing a dentist, you may lose your precious, natural tooth.

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