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How To Prevent Your Teeth From Staining

Our teeth get stained due to various extrinsic factors such as consumption of coffee, tea, colas, smoking, acidic juices, and highly pigmented foods, all of which can take a toll on your pearly whites. With age, teeth naturally tend to become yellowish as the surface enamel cracks and erodes exposing the dentin, which is the less dense interior of the tooth. The dentin slowly starts absorbing food color, which ultimately stains your teeth, and allows tartar buildup between teeth and on teeth crevices.

Quirks in individual metabolism, antibiotics, and even high fever can stain your teeth. The yellower your teeth become, the sooner you’ll have to get them removed. However, the good news is common stains of coffee and cigarette can be washed away with professional cleaning.

It’s always best to know different ways to prevent your teeth from staining. Here are few teeth staining prevention tips:

Brush Before Consuming Wine

Dentists advise brushing teeth right after drinking red wine can damage your tooth enamel. You may wonder why? Wine is highly acidic which makes your teeth extremely sensitive to abrasion. It stains the plaque in your teeth, hence, brushing before you drink wine will decrease the chances of staining your teeth. Hence, dentists recommend you brush your teeth an hour before your drink wine.

Drink Sparkling Water

Take sips of sparkling water in intervals while consuming wine. Doing so will ensure that wine stains stay at bay. Whenever you drink sparkling water, make sure you swish it around in your mouth and allows bubbles to loosen up and scrub away the stains.

Eat a lot of Cheese

Cheese has a lot of calcium, plus, they close the tiny micro-pores on the surface of your teeth and make it difficult for wine to stain your teeth. Cheese causes calcium to build up on your teeth making your teeth stronger. Hence, stick to hard cheese, since they have calcium which simply means stronger teeth!

Consume Fibrous Food

Fibrous foods like broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, and potatoes help produce more saliva. More saliva production helps in scrubbing away the stains as you chew.

Use a Straw

When drinking iced tea, cola, and fruit juices, make sure you use a straw. Using a straw will reduce your teeth’s exposure to these staining beverages. However, you should not use a straw to drink hot coffee.

Rinse Your Mouth Often

After every meal, make sure you rinse your mouth. Rinsing helps remove food particles that get stuck between your teeth and in the crevices of each tooth.

These are only a few out of the many ways to prevent your teeth staining. We at Downtown Dental in Edmonton have experienced dentists who can help you restore the color of your teeth. Additionally, we offer various dental services for your entire family from kids to senior citizens. Get in touch with us to know more about different ways to prevent your teeth from staining!

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