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Is It Time For Dental Cleaning?

Are you one of those who thinks that you don’t need your family dentist to do professional cleaning on you because you religiously follow the brushing and flossing schedule that you have? To add to that, you also gargle mouthwash in between meals to make sure that you don’t develop bad breath. Most people think the same way. Unless they have poor dental hygiene, they don’t bother getting professional dental cleaning anymore.

But here’s the truth. Bacteria stays in the mouth, and they double in number no matter how often you brush your teeth or how accurately you do it. Since the formation of bacteria is highly related to poor dental health, it is very easy to develop gum disease and suffer from it even before you realize. Is it time for dental cleaning yet? Here are the telltale signs you must look out for:

  • When plaque is not fully-removed from your teeth, tartar will start to form. It is the hard, whitish substance usually found in the area where your teeth meet the gums. Although it may seem natural, this mineralized plaque can undermine a beautiful smile. It is difficult to remove tartar at home and to brush alone cannot remove it. But if you see a dentist downtown, they can always help you remove it.
  • Are you worried that a tooth may cause pain anytime? Whether you have had an experience toothache or are simply worried about having tooth decay, it is best to schedule regular check-ups with the dentist. Typically, it should be twice a year, but it should be done more often if there has been a history of a toothache before. This is to ensure that the dentist can help you prevent it.
  • Bad breath is a significant sign that it is time to visit the dentist at once. While bad breath can be caused by anything from foods you have eaten or a medical condition you may have, it is also a clear sign that you need the help of a dentist. If you are generally in good health but still suffer from bad breath, then you must see your dentist help you deal with the problem right away.

Finally, if your check-ups have been a routine in the last two years, make sure to visit your dentist in downtown Edmonton. Only they can tell you if you need a more complex dental care.

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