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I Need Braces. What Are My Options?

A smile is an asset; to have those pearly white teeth is a boon. But what if you have teeth that are misaligned and crooked?

Don’t worry! Ace the brace! Braces are known to straighten teeth thus improving a person’s dental health. Recent trends suggest kids and adults alike are turning to braces to enhance their ‘orofacial’ appearance.

There are many types of braces available in the market and choosing the right one can be challenging. That’s when we step in! In this article, we shall introduce you to different braces available and which one to choose: both for you and your toddler.

Types of Braces:

Metal or Traditional Braces:

As the name suggests, these are made of metal wires and brackets, commonly used for kids. Made up of stainless steel, metal braces consist of small metal brackets, linked to each other by a thin archwire, supported by tiny elastics.


  • Most Suitable for kids

  • Less expensive, durable and easily available

  • Multiple color options available for elastic band.

  • Help in straightening teeth faster


  • Quite noticeable

  • Certain foods can’t be consumed with metal braces on

  • Restricts tongue movement

Ceramic Braces:

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Ceramic braces are similar to their metal counterpart. The only difference is that porcelain is used to make those tiny brackets and wires. They are neutral in color thus blending well with a person’s actual teeth color.


  • Less noticeable

  • Preferred for young teens and adults

  • Works on teeth quicker than other orthodontic devices


  • They are fragile and more expensive

  • Drinks like coffee/soda can easily discolour neutral braces

  • Requires more care and oral hygiene

  • Restricts tongue movement

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are made of metal and are placed on the inside surface of the teeth. This makes the braces almost invisible.


  • Not visible from the outside

  • Suitable for adults and adolescents shy of wearing metal braces.


  • They are not suitable for kids and are expensive

  • The technique of fitting such braces is rare and time consuming

  • Owing to the rarity of braces fitted on the inside, they require utmost amount of care and oral cleanliness.

  • Can be irritating as they limits tongue movement

Removable tooth Aligners:

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Also, known as ‘Invisalign’, these braces are like mouth guards, are easy to remove and fit whenever required. The aligners are clear, acrylic trays; which straighten teeth in the same way as metal braces do. Treatment time of patients using Invisalign may vary from patient to patient.


  • They are custom-made and nearly invisible

  • As Invisalign is easy to remove, one can have hassle free oral regime.

  • No dietary restrictions are required as a person can remove braces before eating food

  • It allows normal tongue movement


  • They are very expensive and not easily available.

  • They are not beneficial for serious health problems

Initially, braces can be painful but the end result will leave you with perfectly aligned teeth and a charming smile!

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