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How To Reduce A Toothache

A troubling toothache can keep you stressed for days and keep you awake at night. Having too many sugary foods and not taking care of your teeth can lead to a terrible toothache.. You don’t have to live and bear with it. Taking care of your tooth pain at home is easy and effortless.

Here are common items found in your kitchen that can ease your toothache

Salt Water:

The crucial constituent of our daily food is an amazing pain-soother too. Just add half a teaspoon of normal, white common salt in a cup of warm water and stirr.  Then gargle the salt water mixture in your mouth for 3-4 minutes. Follow this regime for 2-3 times a day. This will maintain proper pH balance in your mouth, making it almost impossible for any bacteria to survive or cause a nuisance. Not only will this help you fight against a bad toothache, but it will also get rid a bad breath.

Clove oil:

Wiping the painful area with a cloth or cotton ball full of tingling clove oil or simply pouring 1-2 drops of it there directly can do wonders in no time. The qualities of this oil are very strong and hence, can suppress your pain really quickly. Clove, in many forms, is the most effective and popular spice for oral issues.


Known for numbing everything in its contact, ice can numb-off even the most severe pain you have. Put some ice pieces in a polythene bag and massage the outside of your cheek near the troubling area. This will kill the sensation of pain from the outside till the innermost part of your gum. DO NOT try to put a piece inside the mouth! Doing so will do nothing but make the situation worse.


Tea, the a common household beverage, is mixed with innumerable medicinal properties. One of those medicinal properties is reducing toothaches. Drink a cup of warm black or peppermint or even regular tea and flush the area with it or put a warm, brewed tea bag directly on the area to reduce the pain.

These are just temporary home remedies to get rid of your painful misery. If the pain continues, there is a high chance that your dental health in a serious condition.This calls for the need to visit a qualified dentist today – because ignoring oral health can be risky in future.

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