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Five Surprising Facts About Your Teeth

Did you have to reschedule your dental appointment again? Modern life offers a lot of distractions from our usual chores. Media, advertising, and technology have made lives busier. Slowing down or taking a break is not option anymore. But it helps to know a little bit more about ourselves to have a better understanding of our needs. So before life overwhelms you with a lot of work, here are five facts about your teeth that will surprise you.

Fact 1: Did you know that teeth begin to grow even before you come out into the world? Teeth alongside the other major parts of your body like the bones and the brain are formed during the prenatal stage. Although the first tooth may not come out until the 8th or 9th month of life of a baby, all the teeth they need are already inside their mouth and under the gums. They are just waiting for the right time to erupt.

Fact 2: Wisdom teeth are part of what the dentists call as the third molars. They have been named as such because they usually grow around the time when people are supposed to be smarter and wiser by age. Since they grow towards adulthood, people have referred to them as wisdom teeth. Have you grown your wisdom tooth already? If its growth is causing you pain, make sure to go downtown to your dentist. It might be impacted, and that may be the reason why it’s painful.

Fact 3: Did you know that the second most common disease that people suffer from is tooth decay? This is sad but true. It all boils down to the food choices as well the kind of lifestyle that people live by. Changing the foods and drinks that people choose to include in their diet alongside the exercise routine, they take part of every day should help lessen the risk of tooth decay.

Fact 4: The saliva plays a huge role in keeping cavities from forming around the teeth. The healthy production of saliva in the mouth helps save the tooth from becoming a victim of tooth decay. The saliva washes away sugar and other food particles that may form around the teeth and the gum line. What’s surprising is that the human body can produce as much as 100,000 gallons of saliva in a month.

Fact 5: During the middle ages, people believed that kissing a donkey can help relieve their toothache. Although there is still no scientific explanation as to the root of this practice, people during that time didn’t have the luxury of having a dentist downtown. Perhaps this practice of kissing the donkey is so absurd that people forget about the pain after the kiss.

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