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Five Rules To Live Longer

How you live your life has a profound impact on how long you will live. Adopting healthy habits will not only improve your quality of life, but it could also increase your life expectancy as well. It is never too early to too late to start changing the bad habits that you have. All you need is to take on the challenge to start. Give up the worst then slowly let go of the other practices that are making you sick. How do you keep your overall health in good condition to live a longer life? Here are the five rules that you need to follow:

· Rule 1: Keep a healthy diet by following the standards set by the food pyramid. The more that you incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet, the healthier you will feel from the inside. Choosing to eat healthily is not just about trying to lose weight. Instead, it is about losing all the toxins that are making your body sick. Remember to include moderate amounts of lean protein and low-fat dairy. Consider giving up the sweets as well as fatty foods. Let them be an indulgence, instead of something that’s part of your regular diet.

· Rule 2: Exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. You can start by doing moderate exercises. It doesn’t have to be done in the gym. In fact, the daily activities that you do can count as moderate exercise. Taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator could make you lose a few pounds. Wash the car, scrub the floor, go for a walk or play run around with the kids. All these are forms of exercise. When your body is used to moving, it is best to schedule strength training at least twice every week.

· Rule 3: Go to sleep and get lots of it at night. Adults should typically get at least eight to nine hours of sleep at night. Good sleep allows your body to rest and regain energy for the activities the following day. Not getting enough sleep makes it harder for you to function. It is difficult to remember information, pay attention or ever react quickly. Not getting a good night’s sleep could make you suffer chronic diseases such as heart problems or even diabetes.

· Rule 4: brush your teeth at least twice a day and don’t forget to floss soon after. Ignoring to do these two or opting not to brush or floss could lead the development of diseases that could put your overall oral health in jeopardy. Practice good oral health hygiene and visit your dentist at least once every six months and you’re good to go. Remember downtown dentists in Edmonton help keep your teeth in excellent condition.

· Rule 5: Quit smoking. Most smokers say that smoking helps them relax and comforts them when they are stressed out. Although this may be true, the adverse effects of smoking outweigh the positive impact that it may have. Smoking does not only put your overall health at risk, but it particularly stains the teeth and encourages the growth of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Live longer and enjoy what life has to offer. Make time for the activities that you enjoy. Socialize more, take on the Zumba class you’ve been putting off. Try out Yoga if you must. Manage your stress well, eat healthily and your body will thank you.

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