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5 Foods To Have If You Want Good Teeth

We only get one permanent set of teeth, hence it becomes more important to protect them. Apart from sufficient intake of calcium, we also need a good intake of other nutrients and vitamins to take care of our teeth. Let us look at some nutritious foods which can help us to maintain our teeth in good condition.

1.  Kiwi

Vitamin C is a repairing agent which helps the body to heal damaged tissues. Inadequate vitamin C levels in the body can often lead to bleeding gums which further lead to gingivitis. Kiwi is a great source of Vitamin C which maintains the collagen network in your gums, thus preventing any sort of gum related infections.

2.  Cheese

Casein is found to protect teeth from decay causing bacteria. Moreover, it contains phosphates and calcium which help in re-mineralization, thus stiffening and consolidating the teeth further. Cheese is one of the main sources of casein and one must eat it to maintain healthy teeth for a long period of time.

3.  Fruits

Fruit fiber scrubs against your teeth which results in removal of stains. Fruits such as apples are a rich source of fiber which not only helps to remove stains but also helps you to get rid of bad breath. Apples are acidic in nature which helps kill plaque-causing bacteria. But, too much of acid can wear away the enamel. Pears have a strong neutralizing effect on acid, so make sure it’s part of your diet.

4.  Leafy Vegetables

We mentioned above that fiber helps to remove stains and plaque. Leafy vegetables too contain healthy fiber. Plus, chewing produces a lot of saliva which helps in remineralizing your teeth and what better than leafy vegetables like celery. Other vegetables like broccoli and collards are also good sources of calcium which help to strengthen your teeth further.

5.  Sesame Oil

Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of dental diseases especially in infants and younger children. Deficiency of Vitamin D often leads to various periodontal diseases. Sesame oil is a rich source of vitamin D. Moreover, gargling with sesame oil is as effective as a mouthwash and gives you a fresh breath.

Good and healthy food improves our immunity to fight plaque causing bacteria and various gum infections. Fortunately, we at Downtown Dental not only provide tooth cleaning and various related services but also give professional guidance on what to eat and what not to eat to keep your teeth healthy and smiling forever.

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