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FAQs on Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you undergone a teeth whitening procedure? You must have seen dental clinics in downtown Edmonton with advertisements on teeth whitening. Although you’ve been tempted to get one, you just can’t help but wonder what the treatment will entail. So before you undergo any teeth whitening treatment, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the procedure. Learning a thing or two about dental whitening might help boost your desire to get one for yourself.

What can I expect after the procedure?

It took years and a significant number of coffee cups to get your teeth stained. Your dentist is not about to get rid of all of that in just one session. Although noticeable changes can be seen on the teeth, it will take more than a session or two to get your teeth all cleaned up. Dentists will recommend that you keep yourself from eating or consuming items that could stain the teeth further. The procedure opens the pores of your teeth making them susceptible to various staining factors. Also, expect a little bit of tooth sensitivity, especially to extremely hot or cold beverages.

How long will its effect last?

Following a regular dental hygiene routine like flossing and brushing is going to help keep the teeth white. Dentists in downtown Edmonton assure patients that the effect of teeth whitening procedure can last about one to three years or maybe even longer. For as long as patients keep from smoking, drinking colored beverages and keep up with their dental check-up schedules, they won’t have to worry about stained teeth. You may have to go back to see your dentist for another round of teeth whitening procedure after a few beautiful years of smiles.

Does the procedure hurt?

The answer to this question may be the make or break when it comes to teeth whitening. The truth is that the pain may vary from one person to another. Also, the teeth whitening method used by the dentist affects the scale of discomfort that the patient may feel. In general, teeth whitening does not hurt at all. The discomfort felt may last about a day or so and it will be gone. Over the counter pain medications may help.

How do you know that you need teeth whitening treatment? See your dentist downtown and find out.

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