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Can You Forget About Your Missing Tooth?

Tooth loss can occur anytime and for a variety of reasons. Poor oral hygiene, dental disease, and injury are all reasons for tooth loss. Some people are perfectly okay with a gap in their mouth. However, there are certain consequences that must be considered when ignoring a missing tooth. Not replacing your missing tooth can lead to a number of serious issues ranging from dental health problems to aesthetic concerns. We give you a few reasons why you should not ignore a missing tooth.


Not replacing a missing tooth can lead to crowding of teeth. When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth start shifting to fill in the empty space. This leads to misalignment of teeth. Crowding of teeth can cause other dental issues like tooth decay, bite problems, and also affect you regular mouth functions as well as aesthetics. To avoid getting your mouth out of alignment, it is best to get your tooth replaced.

Resorbed Jaw Bone

Loss of your jaw bone is one of the most serious issues that can occur as a consequence of ignoring a missing tooth. Your jaw bone gets stimulated by regular teeth functions of chewing and biting. The lack of stimulation, due to the missing tooth, results in a resorbed jaw bone. This can further cause the gum tissue to recede leading to other dental issues. Moreover, it affects your facial aesthetics, chewing, and speaking ability. Hence, you should not put off replacing your missing tooth.

Furthermore, the empty gap allows accumulation of food and bacteria, which gets trapped when crowding occurs. This increases chances of other severe dental issues. Hence, to avoid risking your health and lose your beautiful smile, it is best to consult a dentist immediately for replacement options. Until you get to the dentist, you can take measures to handle the situation and preserve your natural tooth. Rinse your mouth with water and apply a piece of gauze on the area to stop the bleeding. Rinse the dislodged tooth with water and try to place it back in the socket by biting down. If not, then place it in a glass of milk to preserve it. Fortunately, you have a high chance of getting your natural teeth replaced if done so within an hour of its loss. Here are a few replacement options your dentist may suggest:


Dental bridges use the adjacent teeth on either side to support the replacement tooth in between. Crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth to support the false or replaced tooth in between. Bridges can also be supported by implants.


These are removable appliances to replace a lost tooth. They can be partial to replace one or more teeth or complete to replace the entire structure. They are false teeth on a plastic or metal framework that is removable.

Dental Implants

They are artificial roots placed in your jaw to support a replaced tooth or crown. Dental implants are the best replacement solution as it provides the needed stimulation to your jaw bone. It acts as a natural root to your replaced tooth.

The information above clearly highlights the importance of replacing a missing tooth. Because you cannot treat it at home, it is best to take an emergency appointment with a dentist in such an event.

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