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Avoid These Foods to Keep your Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth can be maintained by simply changing your unhealthy diet and being conscious about what you eat and drink. Not many people know that their eating habits directly affect their dental health. The foods and beverages you consume can either enhance your dental health or be harmful to your teeth and gums in several ways. We know that green vegetables, nuts, fishes, eggs, etc. are necessary for healthy teeth. So let us now see which foods and beverages can be harmful to your teeth and overall dental health.


Lollipops, candies, jellies, chocolates, and other sticky food items contain refined sugar. These sugary items stick to your teeth surfaces and get trapped in difficult to reach places of your mouth. Harmful bacteria that produce plaque and tartar thrive on these sugars. These sticky and sugary food items also lead to tooth decay and further result in periodontal diseases.


Pickles contain vinegar, citric acid, and salts in large quantities. Consuming them very often can damage and deplete the tooth enamel. Depleting enamel also results in yellow teeth.

Citrus Fruits

Citric fruits like lemon and orange are good for your dental health as they eliminate harmful bacteria from your mouth. But, frequent and excessive consumption of these fruits or their juices can eventually erode your tooth enamel. Citric fruits and juices can also irritate mouth sores.

Potato Chips and Snacks

Potato chips, fries, wedges, and other crunchy and fried snacks are full of starch that gets trapped in the notches of your mouth. This can further lead to bacteria growth, plaque buildup, and tooth decay.


The carbohydrates in crackers quickly convert into sugar while you consume them and trigger bacteria growth. These crackers mix with the saliva and form a paste that gets trapped between your teeth and further leads to tooth decay.

Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks

Sodas, soft drinks, and energy drinks contain high levels of sugar. This sugar leads to tooth decay and plaque buildups. Most drinks also contain phosphoric and citric acids that destabilize the chemical balance in your mouth and deplete the tooth enamel.

Teas and Coffees

Tea and coffee can be healthy beverages in their natural forms. But, caffeinated tea and coffee can result in dry mouth. These drinks also stain your teeth over time. If you are fond of adding sugar in your tea or coffee, you know how it can affect your dental health.


Alcoholic drinks like whiskey, vodka, and wine can dehydrate your mouth and lead to dry mouth. Excessive consumption of alcohol can reduce the saliva flow. Less saliva can also result in tooth decay, bad breath, and poor dental health.

If you are fond of these foods and beverages and can’t give up on them so easily, make sure you drink plenty of water, clean your mouth, or brush your teeth thoroughly after consuming them. You can also visit our Downtown dentists on a regular basis to ensure an overall dental hygiene and well-being. Book your appointment today!

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