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6 Things to Do in a Dental Emergency

Have you experienced dental emergencies before? It could be a terrible toothache, a fallen tooth or bleeding gums. Visiting a dentist is not always possible when you have a dental emergency. What you require is an emergency dental treatment. There are several ways you can treat dental emergencies on your own and ease the pain. Some of the dental problems which you may encounter and the ways to deal with such dental emergencies are given below.

1. Toothache

A tooth pain may not necessary be because of cavity or tooth erosion. It can also be due to using your teeth for other activities other than chewing or a sudden blow to your jaws. If your tooth hurts, rinse your mouth with warm water. Use a floss to clean the food particles which get stuck between your teeth. A toothache can cause severe pain and swelling. Apply a cold compress to the swollen area. Avoid putting any medicines around the affected tooth. If the pain doesn’t subside, visit a dentist.

2. Cracked Or Broken Tooth

Cracked or broken tooth may be the result of some accident or severe blow from an outside force. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a piece of gauze until the bleeding stops. Then, apply a cold compress on the wounded area of the mouth. A broken tooth can be fixed if the person is taken for dental treatment immediately. Therefore you must wash and preserve the broken piece and get it fixed. If the pain persists visit an emergency dental clinic for treatment.

3. Knocked-out Tooth

To handle dental emergencies relating to a knocked-out tooth, it is necessary you visit a dentist. If it is not possible to make a dental visit, then rinse your mouth with warm water and wash away the blood. Do not try to remove any tissue attached to the gums which hangs out. Also, do not scratch or put your tongue on the roots of the knocked-out tooth. Emergency dental treatment within an hour can also help you insert your tooth back again.

4. Food Caught Between Teeth

Sometimes the solid food particles can cause pain if they get stuck between the teeth. This can especially be painfully if it is a bone. In order to remove the solid substance, you may floss. People often use pins or sharp objects to get rid of the food substance – this is a strict no.

If you are unable to remove it then you better see a dentist rather than experimenting with sharp objects. Furthermore, if these objects hurt your gums it may result in bleeding.

5. Lost Filling and Crown

If you lose your filling, put a sugar- free gum around the cavity affected area. You can fill it with dental cement which is easily available over the counter. However, it is better that the dentist takes care of filling the affected than you do it by yourself. If the crown comes out then apply little clove oil near the delicate area.

6. Broken Braces and Wires

If you face these two dental emergencies you may be tempted to remove the wire or braces yourself. Do not cut the wires as there is a possibility that the wire may go inside your throat. This will make the problem even more complex. Try positioning the braces in a comfortable position. You can use orthodontic wax or a piece of gauze to cover the end of the braces.

Now that you are aware of how to handle dental emergencies, you can treat yourself right during a dental emergency. If you are unsure of what to do, it is sensible that the emergency dental treatment will be carried out by dental clinics only.

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